Summer Blockbuster Graphic Novel Settings Sale

Published On: June 28, 2022Categories: News, Sale

Summer means big movie blockbusters based on popular comics and graphic novels!

Bring those same four-color adventures home to your game tables with a few of our super settings including Fear Agent™, Flash Gordon™, The Goon™, and The Sixth Gun — all of which are now ON SALE in our store.

Grab the following bundles for between 10% and 35% off!

Fear Agent™ RPG Sale ($74.99 USD):

  • The Fear Agent™ RPG Limited Edition Hardcover Core Rules
  • The Fear Agent™ RPG GM Screen + Feeding Time Adventure
  • The Fear Agent™ RPG Bennies (Set of 20)
  • Fear Agent™ RPG Dice (Set of 7)
  • The Fear Agent™ RPG Archetypes (PDF)
  • The Fear Agent™ RPG Creature Cards (PDF)

Fear Agent™ RPG Sale (with Minis) ($110.99 USD):

  • All of the above PLUS seven metal miniatures!

Flash Gordon™ RPG Sale! ($189.99 USD):

  • The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ RPG (Print + PDF)
  • The Savage World of Flash Gordon™ Kingdoms of Mongo (Print + PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ RPG: Legends of Mongo Booster Box
  • Flash Gordon™ Bennies and Conviction Chips (set of 25)
  • Flash Gordon™ Dice (set of 7)
  • Flash Gordon™ Double Action Deck
  • Flash Gordon™ Combat Map 2: Coralia + War Rocket
  • Flash Gordon™ Combat Map 1: Arboria + Fast Pursuit Rocket
  • Flash Gordon™ Poster Map of Mongo
  • Flash Gordon™ Archetypes (SWD (Print + PDF))
  • Flash Gordon™ Figure Flats – PDF (Updated for SWADE!)
  • Flash Gordon™ Cliffhanger Token and Cards (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Combat Options (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Propaganda Posters (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Character Sheets (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Character Folio (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Cliffhanger Supplement (PDF)
  • Flash Gordon™ Twas the Night Before Crystal Fest One Sheet (PDF)

The Goon™ RPG Sale ($64.76 USD):

  • The Goon™ RPG Limited Edition Hardcover Core Rules
  • The Goon™ RPG GM Screen + The Great Bollaire Street Party Adventure
  • The Goon™ RPG Bennies (Set of 20)
  • The Goon™ RPG Archetypes (PDF)
  • The Goon™ RPG Creature Cards (PDF)

The Sixth Gun RPG Sale ($59.99 USD):

  • The Sixth Gun Softcover Core Rules
  • The Sixth Gun Softcover Companion
  • The Sixth Gun RPG Player’s Guide (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun GM Screen + The Winding Way Adventure
  • The Sixth Gun RPG Bennies
  • The Sixth Gun Figure Flats (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun: The Cards of the Six (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun: ‘Neath the Gallows Tree (PDF)
  • Fractured Frontiers: A Savage Tale of Deadlands and The Sixth Gun (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun: Pre-Generated Characters (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun: Creature Feature – Great Wyrms (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun: Creature Feature – Griselda the Grey Witch (PDF)
  • The Sixth Gun RPG Wallpapers (PDF)

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