SUPER Doom Guard Update from PEG President Shane Hensley

Published On: January 30, 2024Categories: Crowdfunding, Doom Guard, News

As we roll into WEEK TWO of our Gamefound crowdfunding campaign for Doom Guard, PEG President Shane Hensley offers some amazing insider news in the latest update.

Take it away, Shane!

Hi Guardians!

My name is Shane Hensley, owner of Pinnacle and a 30+ year veteran of the tabletop and video game industry. You can find out more about me here if you like.

Doom Guard is our first board game, and we believe in it so much we’re going to jump in and make some major changes to the project right now. While it seems we’ll fund by the time the project’s complete, of course we want to do better than that and we want to share the fun we’ve had playtesting Doom Guard for the last several years with our friends and fans. Designer Mike Barbeau poured his heart into the design and every time we get together to play it it’s a night of laughs, adventure, and more than a little mayhem! Playing heroes AND villains against threats like Cthulhu, Azathoth, and even the Legions of Hell (a future expansion!) is an absolute blast.

So let’s get into all we’re doing to address some of your suggestions, and if you feel we’ve zeroed in on what you’re looking for, please consider backing and helping us spread the word. We know we’re new to the board game side of things and are willing to learn our lessons, improve, and adjust as best we’re able given our resources and your feedback.

New Reward Level Added

We’ve heard the community ask for a standee version of this game, and with our experience of making die-cut cardboard, two-sided, high-quality “pawns” for our RPGs, we’re working with our manufacturer to make it happen. We’re adding the standees to the Doom Guard Deluxe Miniature board game (so you can play with either miniatures or standees) and making a new version of the board game which we’re calling the Doom Guard Basic board game with only standees, no miniatures.

And yes, we’ll honor our commitment to give those who Followed the campaign before it began the Crazed Ogre miniature even if you back the standee version.

Three New Guardians Added

Rather than hold on to these for stretch goals, we’re going to bump up the value of the game and add THREE new Guardian characters for you right now.

The first is Captain Might, the fallen Guardian resurrected by cultists in one of the game’s most difficult (and crazy fun!) scenarios. This adds his Guardian Board, 2 Power Stunt decks, his Random Guardian card, and a Captain Might standee. Those who back the Deluxe miniatures version ALSO get his mighty miniature!

Our second Guardian is Neomind, the megalomaniacal psychic! Neomind converts bystanders into powerful drones to overwhelm and control enemy forces. This adds Neomind’s Guardian Board, 2 Power Stunt decks, his Random Guardian card, and standee. Those who back the Deluxe miniatures version ALSO get the mental master’s miniature!

Our third Guardian is Spellbinder, a student of the arcane arts! Spellbinder absorbs corruption and uses it to blast enemies with eldritch spells. This adds a Guardian Board, 2 Power Stunt decks, his Random Guardian card, and Spellbinder standee. Those who back the Deluxe miniatures version also get the mystic miniature!

New Landmark: Giving Hands Shelter

Explore more of Legacy City with a new Landmark: the Giving Hands Shelter. This adds an all-new, double-sided tile, the Landmark of Hope, to give your Guardians some much-needed relief in their battle against the Mythos and other threats!

New Alternate Legendary Power Cards

When Guardians hit certain milestones in the game, they can unlock their “Legendary ability.” This expansion adds alternate Power Stunt Cards for ALL the included heroes and villains, letting you customize their path to better suit your play style!

Translation of the Game

We’ll work with our international roleplaying game partners to release FREE PDFs of the Doom Guard board game rules, cards, and tiles in French, German, Italian, and Spanish after the campaign ends. We’ll let you know if other languages become available.

International Shipping

Our international shipping will include VAT/GST for Canada, EU/UK, and Australia AND Customs to EU/UK backers. In case you missed it previously, we updated the International Shipping table on the main campaign page with lower rates.

What’s Next?

Our hope is that with these additions, we’ll hit our goal even faster and even hit some additional stretch goals. We have several already on the page, more ready to go, AND have already created AND playtested two expansions we’ll launch at a later date—an invasion from Hell and another from the alien v’sori!

We’re absolutely committed to Doom Guard and will be producing it one way or another. We love Mike’s game and our “Necessary Evil” setting and want this on our own shelves. We hope that happens here and now with YOUR help. Please consider spreading the word on social media or other places you find board game friends. We appreciate it and appreciate YOU giving us a chance to adjust our offering and make a game we know you’ll love.

~ Shane Hensley

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