Super Powers Companion Cover Revealed PLUS Super Vehicles are GO!

Published On: September 14, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, News

Red dodges a blast from The Ice Queen just in time!

With a little over a week to go in our GameChanger campaign for the new Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds, we are thrilled to finally reveal the incredible cover by renowned artist, Aaron J. Riley!

Ever since Aaron started working with Pinnacle back in 2015, we’ve loved the quality and character he brings to his art. From his first pieces for us on Lankhmar to his iconic work for Flash Gordon to the most recent cover for Horror at Headstone Hill, we always work with Aaron whenever we can. Everyone from Wizards of the Coast to Monte Cook Games agrees with us, which is why we are so excited to see his art gracing the cover of the Super Powers Companion!

Let us know your favorite Aaron J. Riley piece on social media (yes, it’s okay if it’s not one of the pieces he did for us), and don’t forget to tell your friends about the astounding new cover of the Super Powers Companion!

Additionally: You asked, we got the brain trust together, made some space, and figured it all out!

Super Vehicles are now one of the MANY powers available in the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion!

If you’re inspired by Batmobiles™, invisible jets, and Fantasti-Cars, then this addition’s for you!

This brand new power starts with a stock frame and lets you add other super powers as well as a number of special modifiers to create customized, super-powered motorcycles, ATVs, tanks, jet skis, airplanes, spaceships, or wall-crawling walkers! Arm them with traditional weapons or super weapons of your own creation, all in the same fast and easy power creation and customization system used for your crusading heroes and nefarious villains!

There are even more stretch goals yet to be unlocked, including a “A Box to Put It All In” (a sturdy storage box for all the unlocked Archetype Cards) at $80K, so climb into your power armor, slip on your cape, and head over to our Super Powers Companion GameChanger page to pledge your support!

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