Super Powers Companion DIY VTT Assets PLUS Updated Doomguard PDF

Published On: June 7, 2022Categories: New Release, News, Super Powers Companion for SWADE, VTT

No matter which VTT platform you use, these two new DIY VTT assets for use with the Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds will help you take your online campaign to the next level:

Super Powers SWADE Adventure Deck Cards – DIY VTT ($0.99 USD)
Four brand new Super Powers-inspired cards to add to your DIY VTT Adventure Deck.

Super Powers Archetype Cards – DIY VTT ($11.99 USD)
36 full color DIY VTT Archetype Cards you can use in any VTT application! Includes 12 Four Color archetypes, six Pulp archetypes, six Street Fighters, six Heavy Hitters, and six Cosmic Crusaders.

Power up your Savage Worlds experience with these all-new DIY VTT assets available now in our store.

Additionally, the Tales of the Doom Guard PDF has just been updated as well, so if you have a previous version, be sure to grab the revised one when you have the chance!

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