SWADE Conversion Doc for The Sixth Gun®

Published On: July 16, 2019Categories: News

This week, we’ve uploaded a new two-page conversion document for The Sixth Gun® Roleplaying Game. While most of the rules as written in the original products can be used as-is, those that require a little more work are detailed in this free download.

With this document in hand (along with the SWD to SWADE Conversion Notes we posted a few weeks ago), you should be able to update certain elements quickly and with little effort so that you can keep your Sixth Gun campaign rolling along with as little interruption as possible.

Also note that The Sixth Gun is one of four game settings currently available as part of the Savage Heroes Bundle of Holding, so if you still need to add it to your collection, this is a fantastic way to get it for cheap!

This is a “living” document, so if you spot something we missed in it, please tell us in the Pinnacle forums!

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