SWADE Update Available & PledgeManager Reminder

Published On: May 28, 2019Categories: News

We recently heard that there were some issues with the bookmarks in the Powers section of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. This has now been fixed, along with a few other things our foreign translation partners and Rifts® for Savage Worlds team noticed as they’re getting that MASSIVE PROJECT ready (PledgeManager for that coming soon!)

You can find the clarifications in the FREE Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Updates PDF so you can just mark or print out the few pages affected, or re-download the entire file (especially if you use the bookmarks feature in the PDF*).

And don’t forget that the SWADE Pledge Manager closes July 16, so make sure you have completed your orders before then!

* New to bookmarks in Adobe Reader? Open your PDF in an e-reader like Adobe Acrobat. Toggle the toolbar open on the left, and select the bookmark icon. A new panel opens so you can easily jump to chapters like Gear, Powers, and Game Mastering. You can also expand or contract the chapters so you can quickly find the Rules section on Opposed Rolls.

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