SWAG Box of Nuggets Anniversary Bundle for Savage Worlds

Published On: February 6, 2024Categories: News, Sale, SWAG

Four years ago, frequent SWAG contributor, Jan Jetmar (The Case of the Misguided LoverWand Magic) released Wand Magic, a four-page supplement for Savage Worlds that introduced a new Arcane Background based on wands to fully employ casters’ magical abilities. Wand Magic went on to become a 2020 SWAG Award Winner!

To celebrate this exciting anniversary, Jan recently released the Box of Nuggets, a bundle containing Wand Magic, Grim-O-Ire, Shadowcraft (co-written with and published by M. “Syd Andrews” Halterman), and the Cleaners, all available for just $1 USD!

(Note that if you already own one or more of these titles, their discounted price is deducted from the bundle price – you only pay for the titles you do not already own.)

Save a bundle and grab this bundle of bestselling Savage Worlds supplements today!

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