SWAG Spotlight: City Guard Chronicles One Sheets for Savage Worlds

Published On: July 2, 2024Categories: New Release, News, SWAG

Are you ready to…

… protect the citizens
… serve the community
… patrol the streets
… uphold the law
… solve the crime
… and survive the experience?

It’s time to return to the world of City Guard Chronicles with two exciting new One Sheets for Savage Worlds!

🛡️Small Cases: The Bank Negotiations
An armed robbery is in progress and the perpetrators are holding hostages. Members of the City Guard Investigation Squad are close by, so they are tasked with resolving the situation. Hopefully without the loss of innocent life. Written by Jan Jetmar (City Guard Chronicles, Grim-O-Ire).

🛡️Small Cases: The Cat and the Rat
The guards are asked to find and rescue a missing cat. They get to see what the rooftops of the Foreign Quarter have to offer. As this is the City, all is not as it seems. Written by James Abendroth (Void Runners: Ravnivori Empire Revised Edition, Tale of the Ape Cursed Man).

Small Cases: The Bank Negotiations and Small Cases: The Cat and the Rat are both available now for just 50¢ USD each at DriveThruRPG through our Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild (or SWAG) program.

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