SWAG Spotlight: Fighters & Warlords for Savage Worlds on FoundryVTT

Published On: November 14, 2023Categories: Licensee, New Release, News, SWAG, VTT

Fighters & Warlords, part of the six book Fantasy Add-Ons series, is a SWAG Award winner from 2021 which presents additional options for the fighters and leaders archetypes. While it is mainly focused on fantasy settings, it can also be used for other genres.

The original supplement, fully compatible with the new Fantasy Companion, features:

⚔️ 50+ Edges for both melee and ranged combat
⚔️ Weapon proficiency
⚔️ 20 new weapon types including new polearms, plumbata, kusarigama, whips, military flails, and staff slings
⚔️ New Leadership and Social Edges
⚔️ Edges for characters using Support, Tests, Berserk, and Liquid Courage
⚔️ New combat maneuvers like Trip, Drag, and Soft Disarm

With the immense help from Joseph Meehan (well known to the Savage Worlds Foundry VTT community), Fighters & Warlords is NOW available as a FoundryVTT module. This new module gives you:

🛡️ All Edges as a compendium, with Active Effects and related Actions
🛡️ All Weapon types as a compendium
🛡️ Automation of the Weapon Proficiency setting rule
🛡️ The main rules as journals in a compendium
🛡️ The 11 sample, heroic characters available as Player Characters
🛡️ Instructions and guidelines on how to best use the module

The Fighters & Warlords FoundryVTT module is fully compatible with (but does not require) the SWADE Core Rules and SWADE Fantasy Companion Premium modules. Installation is as simple as unzipping the content and help is available online.

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