SWAG Spotlight: Grim-O-Ire for Savage Worlds

Published On: October 24, 2023Categories: New Release, News, SWAG


Created by Jan Jetmar (The Case of the Misguided Lover, Wand Magic) Grim-O-Ire presents four unique Arcane Backgrounds for Savage Worlds complete with Special Abilities and supplemented by Edges:

Ghost Walker – A hero with the ability to separate his spirit from his body and travel in ethereal form.
Pneumamancer – A caster harnessing spirit energy able to communicate with ghosts.
Venator – A dedicated monster hunter with near super human abilities.
Witch Hunter – A specialist in finding and neutralizing people and monsters with arcane abilities.

This new 14-page supplement includes four new Hindrances aimed at casters. You can also find suggestions on how to build heroes using these Arcane Backgrounds and eight sample characters (two for each AB) in the Appendix.

The ABs in Grim-O-Ire are each quite different, but they all have one thing in common. Ordinary people find these arcane users unnerving or distasteful; some might fear or despise them. Even if such an attitude is contained to a few individuals in a community, they are the perfect scapegoats to blame when something terrible happens. Keeping a distance and respectful behavior may turn into a torches and pitchforks attitude as an angry mob sets on a crusade to eliminate the perceived source of darkness.

This does not mean these arcanists are evil. On the contrary, they usually perform services for the community, tasks which would be dangerous or even impossible for the common folk. But even as they defend their fellow people from supernatural threats, they use foreign and misunderstood abilities, creating fear among the protected. And it takes just a spark for the fear to turn into anger, and the anger into hatred…

This is a Setting Nugget intended to be easily inserted into an existing fantasy setting. It can be used in any historical or modern setting as well, as long as magic exists in your world.

Grim-O-Ire for Savage Worlds is available now for just $2.00 USD through DriveThruRPG in our Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild (or SWAG) program.

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