SWAG Spotlight: Savage Worlds Bundles – ON SALE!

Published On: December 5, 2023Categories: News, Sale, SWAG

Stuff those virtual stockings full of these two amazing bundles on sale now at DriveThruRPG through our Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild (or SWAG) program:

🎲 For just $3.00 USD, the Settingless Collection includes FOUR supplements for your game tables: Settingless – 13ish Setting Rules Without a Setting, Settingless 2: Setting Rules Strike Back (2021 SWAG Award Winner), Settingless 3: 8ish Arcane Setting Rules, and Settingless 4: Unsettled.

Settingless is a set of Setting Rules for your Savage Worlds games that you can mix and match as you wish. Some rules are alterations, variants, or expansions on existing rules.

🎲 Priced at just $2.00, the Allies Unleashed bundle includes the 2022 SWAG Award Winner, Allies Enhanced – Options for Followers, Friends, & Other Henchmen, Enhanced Allies Enhanced, Uncommon Bond – An Alternate Take on Common Bond, and Square Extras (Numbers) Tokens / Minis for Savage Worlds.

Allies Enhanced is a toolbox supplement for players to build and advance those Enhanced Extras that they dream up as part of their backstory or friends they’ve made along the way. Inside, you’ll find new features like a Resolve system to determine morale, new Edges, Enhanced Edges, and new Setting Rules.

Both bundles come from the mind of frequent SWAG contributor, Christian Merz (Martial Options – Edges for Combat and Beyond) and are available at these discounted prices for a limited time!

Grab your copies today!

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