SWAG Spotlight: Savages at the Gates Bundle for Savage Worlds

Published On: April 2, 2024Categories: News, Sale, SWAG

For just $4.00 USD (less than the price of a large latte at your local coffee shop), the Savages at the Gates bundle features five stupendous SWAG products including three adventures, four Arcane Backgrounds, and numerous rules for Bennies, all for 50% OFF their regular cover prices!

  • 7th Kind, released as part of the “Fast! Furious! Fun! February! Creator Jam” (#FFFFebruary), is a pulse-pounding tabletop roleplaying adventure where players find themselves aboard a crippled alien spacecraft hurtling towards a fiery demise.
  • Cat and Mouse: A Ravnivori Empire Adventure introduces the Bastoi – Void Running Cat People – to universe of the Ravnivori Empire. Sly, individualistic, slightly cruel, sometimes playful, the Bastoi are all the things that cat people love about their pets. And all the things cat people lament about their pets.
  • Fun Raiser: Bennies, Bennies, Bennies are new rules to use for your Savage Worlds games. Each in the series will cover a different core mechanic, this one is all about the Bennies!
  • Grim-O-Ire presents four Arcane Backgrounds complete with Special Abilities and supplemented by Edges. Arcane Backgrounds include Ghost Walker – A hero with the ability to separate his spirit from his body and travel in ethereal form, Pneumamancer – A caster harnessing spirit energy able to communicate with ghosts, Venator – A dedicated monster hunter with near super human abilities, and Witch Hunter – A specialist in finding and neutralizing people and monsters with arcane abilities.
  • Wreck of the Agamemnon – Join an expedition of 4-6 pregenerated pirates to the legendary wreck of the Agamemnon. Encounter vile scoundrels of the sea and aquatic monstrosities while looking for a cursed treasure.

(Note that if you already own one or more of these titles, their discounted price is deducted from the bundle price – you only pay for the titles you do not already own.)

Save a bundle and grab this bundle of bestselling Savage Worlds supplements today!

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