SWAG Spotlight: The Case of the Missing Daughter for Savage Worlds

Published On: August 22, 2023Categories: News

Are you ready to…

… protect the citizens
… serve the community
… patrol the streets
… uphold the law
… solve the crime
… and survive the experience?

Created by Jan Jetmar (Wand Magic) and Allan Wroe (The Secret Files of Section D), the Case of the Missing Daughter is the second adventure in the City Guard Chronicles for Savage Worlds where the heroes investigate crimes and protect the citizens as fantasy cops in a pseudo-medieval city.

The Case of the Missing Daughter contains an eight-page mini setting with basic information about the City, the City Guard, and new rules appropriate for playing as the guards. It also offers seven Professional Edges, two Arcane Backgrounds, six new Setting Rules, and suggestions for existing ones. It may be used as is or inserted into your favorite setting.

This urban adventure deals with an investigation of a missing person. It highlights the most important clues for the GM in two more or less separate lines of investigation and offers next steps at the end of each scene with hyperlinks. It also includes a list of non-player characters with short descriptions and an overview/flowchart (again with hyperlinks).

Eight fully flashed-out and Seasoned archetypes await you – The Captain, The Duelist, The Engineer, The Ferret, The Librarian, The Justiciar, The Outsider, and The Scientist. Two of them are repeated from the first case, six are new (four of these have various Arcane Backgrounds). And if none of these are to your liking, create your own character, or use one from the Case of the Misguided Lover.

The Case of the Missing Daughter is available now for just $3.95 USD at DriveThruRPG through our Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild (or SWAG) program.

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