SWAGtember IV: A New Hype Bundle for Savage Worlds

Published On: September 6, 2022Categories: Licensee, News, Sale, SWAG

In celebration of the FOURTH anniversary of the announcement of the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG), the creator community over on the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord server is currently offering an amazing SWAGtember Creators’ Bundle that assembles some of the latest and most beloved supplements, adventures, and accessories created by members since the launch of SWAG—all discounted at a fraction of their usual price.

For just $29.95 (about 65% off), you get over 30 incredible PDF products created by 22 different authors including:

  • 52 NPCs – Cyberpocalypse by Jakub Osiejewski
  • 54 NPCs – Pulp by Jakub Osiejewski
  • A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs from Gaming with Gage
  • Allies Enhanced – Options for Followers, Friends, & Other Henchmen by Christian Merz
  • Big Bad Wolf from Alb’
  • Bounty from Gaming with Gage
  • Brood by Daniel Irwin
  • Cradle to Grave: A Savage Worlds One Sheet by Ben Giles
  • Cyberpunk Hideouts by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  • Dark States: Conspirator’s Handbook by Daniel Irwin
  • Fighters & Warlords (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  • Herbal Alchemy by The Immaterial Plane, Jenn Sutcliffe, and Kristian Serrano
  • Here Be Dragons from Alb’
  • Intermission – Downtime and Projects by Dylan Brooks
  • Junkard Alchemy by Andrew Pampuch
  • LEGEND of XIÁKÈ by Sean Tait Bircher
  • MagusRogue’s Guide to the Sprawls – A Sprawlrunner Supplement by Adam Loyd and Mason Loyd
  • Modern Traps and Obstacles by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  • Operation Thule by Stephen ‘Stormwell’ Hughes
  • Peddler’s Row by Constantine Radiuk
  • Quick Grids by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  • Savage Worlds Fillable Character Sheet – Generic Fantasy by Charlotte Irrgang and Karl Keesler
  • Scheme Pyramid, The by Sean Tait Bircher
  • Setting Rule: Veritas by Jonas Karlsson
  • Shadowcraft by M. “Syd Andrews” Halterman
  • Shapeshifting & Metamorphosis (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux, Ian Alloway
  • Sharp Knives & Dark Streets (SWADE micro-setting and solo rules) by Richard Woolcock
  • Solo Game Guide for Savage Worlds by Peter Rudin-Burgess
  • Technomancers, A Sprawlrunners Supplement by Adam Loyd
  • Wagon Mound Incident, The by Ron Blessing
  • Warrior Adept, The by Ron Blessing
  • Wand Magic by Jan Jetmar

Please note that this colossal bundle will only be available through the end of September—making this a great opportunity to get some high-quality community content for a fantastic price!

And once you’ve had the chance to read through or use each of these products, please visit their respective product pages on DriveThruRPG to leave a rating or write a review.

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