SWAGtember V: The Bundle Strikes Back for Savage Worlds

Published On: September 5, 2023Categories: News, Sale, SWAG

In celebration of the FIFTH anniversary of our announcement of the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG), the creator community over on the Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord server is currently offering an incredible SWAGtember Creators’ Bundle that assembles some of the latest, greatest, and most beloved supplements, adventures, and accessories created by members since the launch of SWAG—all discounted at a fraction of their usual price.

This bundle will only be available through the month of September—otherwise known as “SWAGtember”—making this an excellent opportunity to get over $100 worth of high-quality community content for the fantastic price of just $29.95 (about 70% off), you get over 30 incredible PDF products:

  • An Unexpected Wedding by James Walls
  • Big Book of Small Spells by Jakub Osiejewski
  • Bounty from Gaming with Gage
  • Charmshooter by Constantine Radiuk
  • Cold War Skirmishes – Lionheart by Stephen ‘Stormwell’ Hughes
  • Dark States of the Nation by Daniel Irwin
  • Encounters in the Edge by James Abendroth
  • Enhanced Allies Enhanced by Christian Merz
  • Fantasy Add-On supplement Templates (Print) for Savage Worlds by Christian Merz
  • Fighters & Warlords (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  • Furious Hacking by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  • Furious Magic by Manuel Sambs, Veiled Fury Entertainment
  • Hunt for the Manabeast by Radulf St. Germain
  • MagusRogue’s Guide to the Sprawls – Chromed Edition, A Revised and Expanded Sprawlrunners Supplement by Adam Loyd and Mason Loyd
  • Mandate Missive: Order of the Emerald Demon by Matthew Hoeveler and Steve Spaulding
  • Minerunners (SWADE micro-setting) by Richard Woolcock
  • Of Breath and Flow: Mystic Martial Arts Action and Savage Wuxia Adventures by Matthew Hoeveler and Steve Spaulding
  • Savage Geasa by Andrew Pampuch
  • Setting Rule: Veritasby Jonas Karlsson
  • Settingless 4: Unsettled by Christian Merz
  • Shadowcraftby M. “Syd Andrews” Halterman
  • Single Spy Mom: The Offficial Setting by Jakub Osiejewski
  • Solo Game Guide for Savage Worldsby Peter Rudin-Burgess
  • Superpowered Toybox Sampler by Sean Tait Bircher and Wine & Savages
  • The Blade Mage by Thomas Clegg
  • The Case of the Misguided Lover (City Guard Chronicles) by Jan Jetmar and Cyril Ronseaux
  • The Case of the Missing Daughter (City Guard Chronicles) by Jan Jetmar and Allan Wroe
  • The Hunt from Dwarf Stone Media
  • Thirst For Adventure by Sam Vanhoorne
  • Tomes & Prayers (Fantasy Add-On) by Cyril Ronseaux
  • Tuxedos and Trenchcoats by Thomas Clegg
  • Ultimate Reverie Jumpstart by Alb’

This colossal bundle will only be available through the end of September—making this a terrific opportunity to get some high-quality community content for a fantastic price!

Note: If you’ve already purchased some of these products, their price will be automatically deducted from the cost of the bundle, so you won’t need to buy them again.

Once you’ve had the chance to read through or use each of these supplements, please visit their respective product pages on DriveThruRPG to leave a rating or write a review.

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