Tales of the Doom Guard PDF for Savage Worlds

Published On: April 26, 2022Categories: New Release, News, Super Powers Companion for SWADE, VTT

Now available in PDF, Tales of the Doom Guard is a collection of five epic adventures for use with the Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds!

Each adventure is designed for the different comic styles presented in the Super Powers Companion including Pulp, Street Fighters, Four Color, Heavy Hitters, and Cosmic Crusaders:

“The Doom Guard is an organization you can drop into your campaign regardless of its style. They’re an “uber group” that can call on your heroes (or villains!) to fight threats greater than any one super or group can handle—or quell lesser threats before they grow into something more significant. The Doom Guard tracks even lesser crimes, having learned the hard way such mischief is often the harbinger of greater schemes and catastrophes to come.”

Tales of the Doom Guard is now available in our store for just $9.99 USD.

And be sure to check out the corresponding ‘Tales of the Doom Guard’ DIT VTT Adventure Maps, usable with any VTT application!

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