Teach Savage Worlds GMs, Classroom-Style!

Published On: October 22, 2019Categories: News

We love to see our Game Master community help each other, and the FREE 120-page Game Master Bootcamp PowerPoint presentation by GM Mason Emerson is a great tool, we think, for presenting an intensive “How to” class on Game Mastering in general, and Game Mastering Savage Worlds specifically!

We’ve added the Game Master Bootcamp file to our Tips for Running Convention Games page as we think it may help others encourage Game Masters at conventions, game stores, libraries, or anywhere a group might gather learn how to be a better GM.

While you’re on that page, check out Tips for Running Convention Games written by “Savage Mommy” Chris Fuchs and the Rocky Mountain Savages.

Chris Fuchs also contributed to the Savage Worlds Game Master and World Builder’s Guide—another great resource! The World Builder Guide is included in the Savage Worlds Essentials Boxed Set, which is chock full o’ goodies a Game Master can use to make running Savage Worlds more Fast! Furious! and Fun! than ever before.

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