The Bloody First—A New Savage Worlds One Sheet™ for Weird War I

Published On: December 22, 2020Categories: News

Now available in our store, The Bloody First by Ensley F. Guffey is a FREE Savage Worlds One Sheet™ for Weird War I that pits the heroes against unfathomable creatures in the first American Battle of the Great War!

“The Doughboys’ squad is part of the third wave of the assault on Cantigny. Their mission is to assist a two-man French flamethrower team in clearing any remaining Germans from the ruined town.

“Due to the intensity of the Allied bombardment there aren’t many Germans left alive in Cantigny. Many bodies are visible among the wreckage. Even so, there are many cellars, basements, and bunkers that must be checked for holdouts. Going below ground is safer… right?”

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Weird War I Player’s Guide and War Master’s Handbook to play, as well as the free download Weird War I Conversion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

And right now, you can get print versions of all of the above and much more in our discounted Weird War I Print Bundle! This incredible bundle contains an array of essentials including limited edition hardcover core books, War Master Screen + Raid on Fort Douaumont adventure, combat maps, Bennies, dice, figure flats, archetypes, and more, all for only $139.99 (retail, $198.79)! And for just $5.99, add our special Harlem Hellfighters Bundle to your order with all proceeds going to the Innocence Project.

March to Victory with The Bloody First and these incredible discounted Weird War I bundles today!

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