The Cackler Comes to Town—In Hardback!

Published On: August 16, 2016Categories: News

The Cackler Graphic NovelThe identity and plans of the Cackler are a Deadlands mystery twenty years in the making, and the answers are finally in your grasp! The Cackler graphic novel and PDF is available for immediate purchase—make it yours now!

Who is this man? Why is he so terrifying that the Union and the Confederacy are willing to work to together to stop him? What dark purpose does he have for a very specific girl? Can her reformed witch sister save her? Get the answers to all your questions as well as hints at the future of the Deadlands timeline today with your own copy of The Cackler!

Art for this tale of Weird Western woe is by the legendary Bart Sears, a true master of the medium. He’s worked for every major comic publisher, from Marvel to DC, Valiant to Crossgen. Colors are by the amazing Michael Atiyeh, who includes DC, Dark Horse, and Star Wars credits to his name!

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