The Deadlands Noir Companion Hits the Mean Streets

Published On: March 5, 2013Categories: News

Deadlands Noir CompanionDeadlands Noir introduced you to the rain-soaked streets of the Big Easy and the heroes who battle from its shadows. The Deadlands Noir Companion shines a light on the rest of Noir North America—including Chicago, Shan Fan, Lost Angels, and the incredible City of Gloom. This is your chance to seek fame and fortune, but ask an Okie how that “greener grass” works out.

The Companion also introduces martial artists, and adds Sykers and the Blessed to the ranks of those struggling against the eternal darkness. After all, new places call for new approaches. And if you’re shocked the Blessed weren’t in New Orleans, you didn’t spend enough time there…

We know times are tough all over. That’s why we’re not tryin’ to slip you some skinny travelogue. The Deadlands Noir Companion is nearly half again as large as Deadlands Noir itself!

Don’t go alone into the black night, shamus. Take a Companion.

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