THE IRREGULARS take on Savage Rifts®!

Published On: May 28, 2019Categories: News

THE IRREGULARS is a Savage Rifts® game played online on Roll20 and streamed live on Twitch:

A group of adventurers have set down roots in Castle Refuge, a Savage Rifts® world that is both similar to and different from that shown in the core book. The Coalition is on the decline, Tolkeen never fell, and giants roam the land. Can these Irregulars come together to save a universe that doesn’t recognize their importance?

Follow and Subscribe to Hippo TV on Twitch where you’ll find THE IRREGULARS stream, and be sure to follow the group on Twitter, read about their adventures on Obsidian Portal, and discuss their adventures on Roll20.

The next Savage Rifts® adventure rolls out June 1 at 6pm Pacific!

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