The Last Parsec Core Book Now Available!

Published On: July 21, 2015Categories: News

The Last Parsec Core RulebookThe future of humanity—and its new neighbors—is now available with The Last Parsec core book! With all the Setting Rules to create action-packed scifi adventures in The Last Parsec setting, it’s time to bring our far tomorrows from the depths of space to your gaming table today!

Take a tour of close space in Sol’s galactic neighborhood, where hundreds of slower-than-light missions spread humanity among the stars. Meet the people we’ve become in space, along with a few neighbors we met before the advent of faster-than-light travel opened up the furthest reaches of space. Join JumpCorp’s interstellar exploration teams and reach the limits of Known Space…and beyond!

Whether you want a PDF, a print book, or both, The Last Parsec gives you an array of aliens, a host of galactic personalities, new gear and vehicles, and even an adventure generator! Unshackle yourself from the confines of the big ball of mud and fly to The Last Parsec today!

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