The Last Parsec Offers The Enigma Equation

Published On: January 13, 2015Categories: News

The Enigma Equation - An Adventure for the Last ParsecIt’s hard to account for all the little things—all those tiny, tiny variables—that can end up changing fate on a large, even stellar, scale. One key researcher gone missing, probably kidnapped by renegade insectoids, isn’t the most important thing in your corner of the universe. But probability has a way of leaping out the window when you start dealing with a super-powerful research body, an ancient artifact, math that can change a star, and a humorless alien cult all mixed together. Sharpen your pencil, and good luck!

The Enigma Equation is an adventure for the Last Parsec. Journey to Tomb in the Omicron cluster and the mysterious Shadow Star. Open the galaxies from one little corner of space!

While it you’re at it, check out the whole line of Last Parsec adventures and support materials. Space is vast and empty—let us help you fill that void!

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