The Latest News from the Holler for Savage Worlds on Kickstarter

Published On: October 19, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, News

Thanks to y’all, our Holler Kickstarter is off to a great start!

So far, you’ve already made the core book bigger with a passel of new monsters, unlocked DIY VTT resources, scored some sweet bookmarks, added the Curious Youth, Tinker, and Mountaineer archetypes, and commissioned a map of Ashdown—a textile mill town run by the eccentric industrialist-inventor, Samuel Ashdown.

Our next Stretch Goal ($60K) unlocks a set of “Scene Setters,” fully-illustrated, oversize cards featuring large pictures of key locales in the Holler—to really give your players a sense of place and immersion—so be sure to pay a visit to our Kickstarter today to pledge your support today!

We had no idea what the reception would be when we launched Tim Earley’s Holler. We knew we believed in it. We knew the hootin’ and hollerin’ we experienced in the playtest of the adventures and Plot Point Campaign were real and genuine and wanted to share it with you. We believe in trying new things, we’re thrilled to be part of Tim’s amazing new endeavor, and we’re thankful each and every one of you have given us that opportunity.

You let us do that, and to celebrate, we’re making the $70K Stretch Goal something we very rarely offer—a limited edition, leatherette version of the core rule book, signed by Holler author and creator, Tim Earley. If we hit this goal, everyone can add one to their order as an Add-On.

If you jump in at the Boss of the Holler level ($175) you not only get the Holler Boxed Set (containing the 208-page core book, GM Screen with Adventure, Bennies, dice, Action Deck, Archetype Cards, and pawns), two sets of Combat Maps, and Antiqued Conviction Tokens, you’ll also get the limited edition ABSOLUTELY FREE! This is in ADDITION to the gorgeous, regular edition of the book that comes in the box!

Understand that word-of-mouth is crucial for a new gaming world like this, and we’d appreciate you sharing the good word on Holler with your fellow gamers around the globe.

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