The Many Places—and Monstrous Heads—of Weird Wars Rome

Published On: November 26, 2013Categories: News

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with new places to visit and more things you may never want to run into!

The Weird Wars Rome map series brings you four new 24 x 30 full-color PDFs, ready to be printed with or without grids, scaled to fit your 28 mm miniatures. For even more versatility, the buildings all have versions with and without roofs to help you bring the action inside or maintain the mystery as you choose!

The Roman Fort brings you a stronghold of the Legions that could be anywhere within the Empire. Village 1 and Village 2 could be any rural settlement from Italia to distant Britannia, and they can be combined to provide a larger settlement. Finally, go deep into the Celtic or Germanic wilds for the Standing Stones, a representation of the mysterious menhirs of superstitious barbarians!

Weird Wars Rome Creature Feature: The Hydra takes you straight to monsters that have rivaled Hercules himself—the dread hydras that lurk in unlucky swamps, rivers, and lakes. You’ll find statistics for several varieties of the multi-headed beasts—including the fearsome gargantuan Lernaen hydra—Figure Flats to represent the terror on your tabletop, and five Savage Tales to bring the legends to hungry, horrifying life!

In one week alone, you have something to run from as well as somewhere to hide. Perhaps with the blessings of Fortuna, that will work out well for your Legionaries…

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