The Maw of Oblivion for Deadlands: Lost Colony Comes to GameChanger

Published On: August 30, 2022Categories: Crowdfunding, News

Two weeks from today, Tuesday, September 13th, prepare for a “Reckoning” on GameChanger!

The Maw of Oblivion is the first of a new line of supplements for Deadlands: Lost Colony:

The Four Horsemen had their way, and Earth is now an irradiated wasteland.

Before the end, spaceships brought prospectors, homesteaders, and intrepid Rangers to the Faraway system. They found ghost rock, new lifeforms, and Banshee—a living world with a spirit of her own. Unfortunately, the Reckoners found their way to Banshee too. Now the last of the human race and the denizens of Banshee most work together or see another world become a Deadland at the hands of the Reckoners.

Back on Earth, the Reckoners were large and in charge, but things are different in the Faraway system. The journey across weakened them, and the posse has new tools to use against them. Banshee herself is anathema to them, a mineral she produces called tannis can harm the ancient evils. The treacherous Hellstromme Industries has also produced technology that can trap and dissolve the horsemen. While the Reckoners hide and rejuvenate their powers it’s the posse who are on the attack. War has already fallen. Now the hunt for Famine is on!

While most of the action in Deadlands: Lost Colony centered on Banshee, humanity has outposts throughout the Faraway system, especially among the thick asteroid field called The Belt. Famine fled out into the Belt, where deprivation is a constant concern. The posse must venture out into the ramshackle stations and lonely asteroid settlements of Faraway to track down Famine and the artifact she discovered: The Maw of Oblivion—a raw black hole phased into the fabric of the Hunting Grounds by the ancient powers who once opposed Banshee.

This new 96-page hardback supplement moves the story of the Lost Colony forward and explores in more detail the settlements scattered across the Belt. It encompasses a six chapter Plot Point campaign covering Famine’s insidious machinations, the posse’s pursuit of her, plus complications from the aggressive U.N. forces in the Belt, the Reapers, and new horrors lurking in the Dark.

A series of Savage Tales and a passel of new enemies add depth to the proceedings and opportunities for more adventure. There’s also a primer to bring new GMs up to speed on notable events that happened in Deadlands: Lost Colony and beyond. In addition to all that, the Maw of Oblivion has new options for heroes:

  • New Edges and Hindrances for Spacers and heroes who haven’t had a planet under their feet for a while.
  • New Gear and weapons to help the crew survive their travels through the Dark.
  • New spaceship hulls and Mods. Upgrade the ship the posse gained in The Demon You Know (Deadlands: Lost Colony), or find a new ride and equip it with new tech.
  • A new Arcane Background and Powers: the Razorjack. An experimental cybernetic implant created Hellstromme Industries’ cursed technology allows the user to control a captured manitou’s magic—if they don’t succumb to the creature’s evil first.
  • An explicit dive into spaceship Chases and Duels, along with a streamlined option for Quick Chases and Quick Duels for crews that prefer to settle their problems face-to-face.

To find out more, head over to the official PEG Twitch channel this Thursday starting at 7pm Eastern for a live one-on-one with Line Developer, Darrell Hayhurst that will include an exclusive preview of the Maw of Oblivion!

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