The New Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds is Crowdfunding NOW!

Published On: August 31, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, News

Heads up, heroes! It’s time to answer the call!

Our crowdfunding campaign for the new Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion is LIVE on!

If you’re not already registered at our site, visit right now and click on “My Account” at the top of your screen to get started.

Once you’re all set up, fly over to the Super Powers Companion campaign page to review the Reward Levels, check out our initial batch of epic print and digital Stretch Goals (including a squad of four-color Archetype Cards and a legion of thick, cardboard, die-cut hero and villain pawns), and pledge your support.

Pledges for this campaign are collected immediately, guaranteeing your funds go straight into our gauntlets for the development and publication of the Super Powers Companion.

If you’re a Savage Worlds fan, please consider not only backing the Super Powers Companion but also spreading the word to others who might be interested as well. It’s incredibly hard to reach people in today’s crowded marketplace, and Pinnacle depends greatly on friends like you to let people know about our latest projects.

Thanks for your continued support, heroes!

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