The Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds is a GameChanger!

Published On: September 7, 2021Categories: Crowdfunding, News, VTT

With a little over two weeks left, our current crowdfunding campaign for the new Super Powers Companion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is kicking butt and taking names!

Thanks to your generous support, we have already unlocked a slew of super powered stretch goals including:

  1. Adding V’Sori powers and vehicles from Necessary Evil I and II to the Super Powers Companion
  2. A complete set of pawns as counters you can use in ANY VTT application
  3. Six brand new archetypes tailored for low-level Pulp campaigns including “The Occultist” and “The Mind Bender”
  4. Six Street Level archetypes tailored for heroes sworn to protect their local neighborhoods like “The Street Samurai” and “The Former Sidekick,”
  5. Six powerful Heavy Hitter archetypes including “The Iron Sentinel” and “The Magician”
  6. Six Cosmic level champions like “The King” and the “Intergalactic Bounty Hunter”
  7. Four new Adventure Cards you can add to your existing deck—specially tailored for Supers!

There are even more stretch goals yet to be unlocked, so climb into your power armor, slip on your cape, and head over to our Super Powers Companion GameChanger page to pledge your support and become a hero today!

PLUS, get all those Super Powers Companion questions ready and fly, swing, or teleport your way over to our official Twitch channel this Thursday evening (8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific) for a TOTALLY LIVE check-in with the main man himself, Shane Hensley!

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