The Taxidermist’s Tale—A New Deadlands One-Sheet Adventure

Published On: November 4, 2014Categories: News

Taxidermist's Tale - A Deadlands One-Sheet AdventureWho doesn’t like a cuddly bunny, or even a regal mountain lion? The folks Back East are turning the taxidermy of the West into a booming business. As much as the Weird West is accustomed to exporting tall tales back to the cities, the frontier isn’t used to importing the same style of questionable news. Who’s going to believe it when they hear that top-hat tinhorns actually are just dying for taxidermy or that mounted critters really are all the rage?

Is terror really somethin’ they’ve started shippin’ back to the East, or is someone pullin’ the wool over your eyes? Either way, what are you going to do about it?

The Taxidermist’s Tale is a new One-Sheet Adventure for Deadlands. Grab it and go for a night or two of no-prep adventure with your posse. Be sure to check out all the One-Sheet Adventures we’ve got available for Deadlands and all our other settings, too.

Don’t forget—they’re all free. Free as the wind that howls across the desert, free as the chills down your spine…

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