The Third War Finishes Wendigo Tales: Season Two!

Published On: April 29, 2014Categories: News

The Third War in Wendigo Tales: Season TwoCrusader is the most isolated man in Star City. He is hunted by the cops, targeted by the underworld, and reviled by the public as a ruthless vigilante for his impressive bad guy body count. When the v’sori build a weapon that could kill every super villain on Earth, destroying the resistance in one fell swoop, can he work with his hated foe, the indestructible strongman Invictus? Can he adapt his moral perspective and work with criminals he knows he should kill? Or will he let humanity remain under the alien yoke so justice is done?

The Third War is written by Steven S. Long, a writer and game designer from North Carolina. While best known for his work with Champions and the HERO System, he’s worked for many other RPG companies including Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Last Unicorn Games, Decipher, and White Wolf. Recent forays into fiction writing have advanced his Master Plan for World Domination to Stage 62-Gamma. You can find out more about Steve at

The Third War is the final installment of Wendigo Tales: Season Two in the world of Necessary Evil, where the super villains of earth have to fight an occupying alien force and their own baser natures to save the planet! Be sure to check out the previous tales from Season Two—Faces of Destruction (insanely, still free), Thicker Than WaterFallenPurgatory, Maps to the Stars, and Tablets of Destiny—or any of the stories of the Weird Wars from Wendigo Tales: Season One.

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