By John Stevens

The heroes encounter a band of refugees reporting there are blind warrior women marauding through the area. The women attacked unprovoked and stole all the weapons, armor, and supplies that weren’t nailed down.

A Common Knowledge or Occult roll indicates these women are most likely Altaran Warriors — genetically bred servants of the Splugorth. A raise reveals that stealing and looting are unusual behavior. Normally, Altarans hunt and capture people as slaves for their masters.

Tracking the women proves extremely difficult as they appear to be making extreme efforts to cover their tracks. Finding them requires a Survival (tracking) roll at –4. On a success, the group manages to find the warrior women preparing an ambush and ready to fight. With a raise, the heroes Notice another set of monstrous tracks. Something else is prowling about the area. Failure results in the Altarans gaining a Suprise Round, Critical Failure gives them the Drop!

The warrior women fight a hit-and-run battle trying to withdraw quickly and melt into the trees. After two rounds a Splugorth Conservator shows up leading a group of interdimensional tourists on a wild game hunt! The warrior women were allowed to “escape” and be hunted for the pleasures of these demonic hedonists!

Plot Twists

  • Instilled Loyalty: The Altarans are loyal to their masters and join the fight against the heroes, who are now suddenly the prey in this twisted safari!
  • Possessive Slaver: The slave barge the warrior women “belong to” drifts into the scene to reclaim its people.
  • Three Way Street: The townspeople also alerted the Coalition and a SAMAS squad is zooming into the scene for a clean-up operation.

Minions of Splugorth

  • Warrior Women: 7 Altaran Warrior Women using L-20 Pulse RIfles and Huntsman Armor.
  • Xik’oks: Splugorth Conservator (WC).
  • Safari Hunters: 3 Lesser Demons, plus one per player.