There’s So Much to See On Our Official Twitch Channel

Published On: March 16, 2021Categories: Media, News

For those hungry for new media relating to Savage Worlds, we’re now hosting regular, live programming through our official PEG Twitch Channel each and every week!

???? Today (Tuesday) at 6pm Eastern (3pm Pacific/10pm GMT), join Owen Lean, author of the Great Britain section of East Texas University: Study Abroad, for a live Q&A.

???? Thursday, March 18th at 5pm Eastern (2pm Pacific), Donald Schepis returns with an all-new Design Corner. This time, Donald discusses strategies for running mysteries and investigations, how to keep your players from missing clues, and when to throw them off (or onto) the scent.

???? Friday, March 19th at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific) meet the producers, voice actors, and original authors behind the new line of Savage Worlds-inspired Soundbooth Theater audiobooks.

???? And Sunday, March 21st at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific), get those East Texas University questions ready for a Q&A with original ETU co-creators, Preston DuBose and Ed Wetterman, and consummate overseas GMs Gilbert Gallo and Chris Fuchs.

That’s this week’s compete lineup of live shows on the official Twitch Channel for Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

And if you miss anything, find all of the above and more over in the official Pinnacle Entertainment Group YouTube video archive.

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