Things Are Gettin’ Savage at ChupacabraCon VI This Weekend

Published On: April 30, 2019Categories: News

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouIf you’re attending ChupacabraCon VI in Round Rock, TX this weekend (May 3-5), don’t be surprised if you hear people cheering about “raises,” spot Bennies of all shapes, sizes, and colors gracing game tables, or find yourself participating in a phenomenal Savage Saturday Night, because Savage Worlds is taking Chupa by storm with dozens of game sessions, presentations, special events, and even the traditional East Texas University Tailgate Party!

Join a number of Savage Worlds luminaries for a fantastic weekend of gaming including including Shane HensleyJohn GoffMatthew Cutter, Preston DuBose, Sean Owen Roberson, Ross Watson, Darrell Hayhurst, Robin Bircher, Sean Bircher, Ed Wetterman, David Lapp, Christine LappScott Woodard, Teller, Sara Quinn, & Brendan Quinn all gathering at the Wingate by Wyndham Round Rock Hotel & Conference Center in Austin, TX.

Notable events include:

Friday at 2pm (Williamson 3, Event 15)

Savage Rifts® Blood and Banes: A Trap is Set

Welcome to Tombstone, AZ; nothing is quite as it seems. As members of the Tomorrow Legion, discover the dark secrets that hide in this sordid little town. This adventure is in the new Savage Rifts® Blood and Banes; players will get to play new Iconic Frameworks, MARS packages, and races. GM: Robin Bircher

Friday at 8pm (Guadalupe, Event 25)

Audience Participation Celebrity Charity Game! Deadlands the Weird West: Night of the Chupacabra!

Something’s feeding on the local livestock and the locals claim it’s an infestation of chupacabras! But there’s more to it than that. There always is in the Weird West.

Join us in a raucous and rowdy charity session of Deadlands as a posse of hapless gunslingers, hucksters, braves, mad scientists and more take on a passel of mysterious goat-suckers and other nasty surprises. Bring your good spirits, mean streaks, and a few pesos (Chango Bucks) for EXTRA LIFE to bribe Marshal Hensley, take on a quick guest role, help out your favorite heroes, or make the players spin the “Wheel o’ Doom!”

Come take part in the Celebrity Charity Audience Participation game! Help the players! Interfere with the players! Help the GameMaster! Interfere with the GameMaster! It’s all for charity! Watch the Savage Worlds authors play the game. We auction off one spot at the table before the game starts.

Saturday at 9am (Williamson 3, Event 326)

Rifts® for Savage Worlds – Welcome to the Apocalypse!

Join the fight for Detroit as nuclear war and Rifts®—portals to other realities—threaten to destroy the city! Each player will take on the role of a NEMA disaster specialist, part of a team dispatched on a Top Secret mission by the last remnants of the American government. No Experience Necessary! GM: Sean Owen Roberson

Saturday at 6pm (Poolside, Event 243)

East Texas University Tailgate Party

Come join the creators of the ETU setting and members of the cast of the Saving Throw show for poolside snacks and fun during the dinner break on Saturday!

Saturday at 8pm (Williamson 3, Event 16)

Savage Rifts®: Northwest Passage

Bold Tomorrow Legionnaires scour the Alberta badlands to rescue refugees from the Calgary Kingdom of Monsters. Play new Iconic Frameworks and races from the upcoming supplement “Rifts® North America: Blood & Banes.” It’s like “Oregon Trail” with demons and lasers! GM: Sean Tait Bircher

Saturday at 8pm (Fishbowl (IN THE HOTEL), Event 107)

Savage Worlds VIP game: Deadlands Dark Ages

Come check out the upcoming Deadlands Dark Ages with Shane Hensley. Find out what happened in the dark times before the Reckoning, when the Cackler and stranger things haunted the moors and highlands of England! Six players, no experience necessary. GM: Shane Hensley

Sunday at 12:00pm (Guadalupe, Event 327)

Savage Rifts® Kickstarter Tell-All!

Find out the newest things coming to Rifts® in the ongoing Kickstarter! Learn about updating and running the Rifts® with the newest edition of Savage Worlds, and find out about the adventures, sweet sweet loot, and mayhem coming to North America in three new books. Featuring Sean Owen Roberson, Robin Bircher, & Sean Bircher

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