This Week in the SavageUniverse

Published On: May 28, 2024Categories: Licensee, Media, New Release, News

Get ready for some Fast, Furious, and Fun media over on our official Twitch channel with yet another fantastic journey into the SavageUniverse.

📺 Thursday night starting at 7 p.m. Eastern, host J-M DeFoggi is joined by Peter Saloom of Ace licensee Pear Tree Studio to discuss his first two incredible releases, Shadows of the Sacred Hills and the Iselion Hybrid!

Shadows of the Sacred Hills
“Strange happenings are afoot in the dusty, one horse town of Blackwood Gulch, Wyoming. The Posse is summoned by a mysterious connection to assist in an otherworldly investigation. In a town where rumors fly as fast as bullets, can the Posse get to the truth before darkness takes hold?”

The Iselion Hybrid
“Power issues torment the Profiteer and her crew as they struggle to stay on course and keep the life support functioning. What was supposed to be a routine supply run has become anything but. With months to go before reaching the safety of the depot, the crew must uncover the source of the problems aboard their ship and keep the engines and critical systems operating. Life is lonely and hard aboard a deep-space vessel, but it beats the cold vacuum of space.”

If you’re a licensee looking to promote your latest and greatest release for Savage Worlds on the SavageUniverse, give J-M a holler at [email protected]!

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