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Published On: May 31, 2022Categories: Licensee, Media, News

While we’re still a few weeks away from the official start of the season, you can bet that it’s going to be a “Summer of Savage Worlds” around these parts with all-new podcasts, exciting interviews, and amazing actual plays coming your way!

To start things off, here are three media highlights worth watching out for including one that dropped just last night!

On Demand now: Four Colour Café – Licensed Games & Settings

Last night (Monday, May 30th) our very own Shane Hensley appeared as a guest on the Forever DM channel to weigh the merits and dangers of making RPGs based on licensed IPs. This lively discussion covered RPGs from across the industry, but Savage Worlds fans will appreciate hearing about how Rifts® for Savage Worlds and Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds came to be, why we never got a Savage Worlds Conan game, and why “Savage Thundarr the Barbarian” is the one that got away!

Premiering Monday June 6th: Sounds Like Crowes—Terminus

GM Caleb Sunstead and the crew that brought you the unparalleled Sounds Like Crowes podcast is back with an all new adventure!

Stepping out of the Old West and leaping hundreds of years into the future, the Terminus campaign ushers in a rich new story with eight new characters voiced by familiar talent. Uncover the secrets of the tidally locked planet of Almanac, with one side frozen in endless darkness and inescapable cold while the other side burns from the searing sun. A classic space western with horrifying new technology, feuding corporate families, and echoes of the afterlife.

Follow the new campaign on the SLC website, Twitter, Facebook, or on the Crowes Patreon exclusive Discord server.

Mondays at 8pm Eastern: Gaming on Geek Street’s Curse of the Crimson Throne

Journey through Paizo’s The Curse of the Crimson Throne campaign using Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds (coming to Savage Worlds via Kickstarter in June)!

This actual play series features “talking head” interviews like The Office to delve into the thoughts of the PCs as they navigate the deadly city of Korvosa as it teeters on the edge of anarchy!

Starring Todd Jordan as Gagarin the half-orc fighter, Amber Jordan as Udefira the gnome rogue, Caele Pemberton as Margot Summerwillow the Halfling bard, Shawn D. Hilton as Gabbin Underfoote the Halfling cleric, and Mike Dukes as Game Master.

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