This Weekend, Find Savage Worlds at Genghis Con and Con Nooga

Published On: February 19, 2019Categories: News

Savage Worlds at a Convention Near YouThis weekend, things are getting downright Savage at Genghis Con and Con Nooga!

First up, it’s Genghis Con 42 in Aurora, Colorado boasting one of the biggest collections of Savage Worlds events (90+!) on the planet, along with one of the largest gatherings of Savage Worlds industry pros and expert Game Masters. This is your chance to meet and game with luminaries like Shane Hensley, Darrell Hayhurst, Christine Lapp, David Lapp, Gilbert Gallo, Karl Keesler, and Scott Woodard, as well as cast members from Saving Throw, the folks behind the incredible Wildcards live stream over on Twitch.

Genghis Con is an incredible show featuring over 70 Savage Worlds games, Friday Night Bar Fight (sponsored by Pinnacle Entertainment Group), and one of the best run Savage Saturday Nights around!

For those on the eastern side of the country, you’ll find Jodi and Clint Black at Con Nooga, Chattanooga’s largest multi-fandom convention held at the Chattanooga Convention Center. While they will be there promoting their amazing line of game tables through their company, Carolina Game Tables, both will be happy to answer all your Savage Worlds questions! A Savage Thunderscape game is planned for Savage Saturday Night, Game Mastered by Mark Swafford, and at least four other Savage Worlds games are on the menu at Con Nooga.

Whether you travel East or West, there’s likely to be a Savage Worlds game near you. If not…start one today!

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