This Week’s Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: August 1, 2023Categories: Events, Licensee, Media, News

This week, as many of you gather in Indianapolis for Gen Con 2023, we’re bringing you a number of FastFurious, and Fun livestreams and interviews over on our official Twitch channel!

📺 Thursday at 7pm Eastern, it’s off to the Savage Universe with new SWAG publisher, Nick of Havenhart Games. Learn all about the Sinew Magus, his new supplement for Savage Worlds that details a wild new Strength-based Arcane Background.

📺 Friday at 6pm Eastern, we’re Getting Creative with Dramatic Tasks, this time featuring Mike Barbeau (Pathfinder® for Savage Worlds Line Editor) along with a few other familiar faces.

📺 And finally, at 7pm Eastern, we’ll raid Clint Black‘s B-movie creature feature for Savage WorldsArctigator vs. Croco-Sharkasaurus, streaming LIVE from Gen Con 2023!

Don’t miss all these amazing streams, this week only on Twitch!

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