This Week’s Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: September 19, 2023Categories: Licensee, Media, News

Over the next few days, we’re bringing you plenty of FastFurious, Fun media on our official Twitch and YouTube channels including two SavageUniverse interview specials and two fresh installments of our VTT show, First Bytes!

📺 First up, episode seven of First Bytes (hosted by Finderski) is now available over on YouTube, this time focusing on using Macros in Roll20. Episode eight drops this Thursday at Noon Eastern and is all about using Card Decks and Tokens.

📺 Speaking of Thursday, make your way over to Twitch this Thursday night starting at 7pm, for a Savage Universe SWAGtember full house! Host J-M DeFoggi is joined by Gage Verronneau (Bounty), Alb’ (Ultimate Reverie Jumpstart), James Abednroth (Encounters in the Edge), Nathanael Christen (Treasure Hunter Adventures), Allan Wroe (The Case of the Missing Daughter), and Cyril Ronseaux (Tomes & Prayers) to review what’s in this year’s SWAGtember bundle and share their experiences with the SWAG program.

📺 And finally, next Monday, September 25th at 7pm, swing back around to our Twitch channel for another SavageUniverse livestream with Jerrod Gunning, Jeff Friedman, and Dustin Smith of Atomic Ninja Studios to discuss their four new mini-settings.

Don’t miss all these amazing shows and livestreams, this week and every week on Twitch and YouTube!

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