This Week’s Savage Worlds Media Roundup

Published On: May 9, 2023Categories: Media, News

Get ready for another “Fast, Furious, and Fun” week of Savage Worlds livestreams over on our official Twitch channel!

This Thursday, May 11th, starting at 8pm Eastern, join host J-M DeFoggi as he gets to know Gage Verronneau, host and organizer of Savage Worlds Adventure Night. Have a setting that you backed on GameChanger, but haven’t had the chance to play? Interested in taking Savage Worlds for a spin, but not sure where to start? Love running and playing games, but hate dealing with scheduling? SWAN may just be the event for you!

Friday afternoon at 2pm Eastern, Office Hours streams a little earlier than normal, this time featuring Pinnacle President and consummate boxed set dropper, Simon Lucas. Did he really once live on a house boat? Did he tear his bicep off the bone while playing American Football (or Rest-of-World Fútbol)? Is his family secretly taking over the RPG industry from their humble Welsh beginnings? What’s the next big Savage Worlds project on the horizon? Get all your burning questions answered LIVE starting at 2pm this Friday, only on Twitch!

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