This Week’s Top 5 in the Savage Worlds Adventurers Guild

Published On: June 2, 2020Categories: News

There’s always something exciting available through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild (SWAG) and this week is no exception!

Here are the current TOP 5 products representing sourcebooks, add-ons, and even a rules supplement for a miniatures game all for use with Savage Worlds!

  1. Summoner’s Circle from author Dylan Brooks is a 38-page supplement that includes a system for designing summoned allies, new Edges and Hindrances for conjuration and its practitioners, 36 sample creatures to summon across all Ranks, and 10 fleshed-out NPCs ranging from an elven ecoterrorist to a dinosaur-summoning, time-traveling big game hunter.
  2. Companions & Familiars (Fantasy Add-On) from Cyril Ronseaux is an add-on for Savage Worlds to help make various types of pets, companions, and familiars. Companions & Familiars includes new Edges, companion abilities, 10 sample characters along with their companions, and a variety of other options that can be added to any fantasy setting.
  3. Designed by S.J. Sams, RuinAtion: A Savage World Post-Apocalyptic Miniatures Game, is a 56-page “crew” based miniature skirmish game set in a world destroyed by two imperfect Artificial Intelligences. The basic game has over 40 customizable figure types, rules for strange energies, and a myriad of weapons and warriors including tragically-enhanced beings and rare ammunition.
  4. Of Breath and Flow: Mystic Martial Arts Action and Savage Wuxia Adventures from Matthew Hoeveler and Steve Spaulding is a collection of rules and setting content that GMs can use to add a Wuxia action vibe to any game they run — from fantasy to science fiction! Included are new Edges and Hindrances, five Fu Schools, 20 Fu Styles, three new Powers, an appendix of more than 20 traditional Fu weapons, plus rules on the Wu Xing five-element cycle as Trappings and Cultivated Chi.
  5. And in the number one slot, Modern Monsters from Dylan Brooks is a collection of monsters derived from modern mythology, cryptozoology, and the terrors of everyday life. The fifteen monsters in the book are given Savage Worlds stats, detailed descriptions, advice for using them in your games, plot hooks, and monster variations if the default versions don’t quite fit the tone of your campaign.

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