Too Ghoul for School—A New Savage Worlds One Sheet™ for East Texas University

Published On: December 29, 2020Categories: News

To wrap out the year in style, we’re excited to present another FREE One Sheet™ adventure for you and your fellow classmates.

Too Ghoul for School by writer Gord Henderson pits the students of East Texas University against a full-contact enemy from beyond the grave!

“A student will stop at nothing to climb to the top, leaving carnage in his wake.

“How far would you go to pursue your dreams? For one student at ETU, the hunger to succeed becomes overwhelming. Can you and your study group discover the culprit before more students go missing?”

This product requires the Savage Worlds core rules, the East Texas University setting book, and the free download, ETU Conversion for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.

And right now, you can get print versions of the core books and much more in our discounted East Texas University Bundle! This incredible collection contains an array of essentials including limited edition hardcover core books, GM Screen & Class Ring Adventure, combat maps, Bennies, archetypes, and more, all for only $99.99 (retail, $162.83)!

Scream for the home team with Too Ghoul for School and pick up this amazing discounted ETU bundle today!

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