Top 5 Hottest SWAG Titles

Published On: July 2, 2019Categories: News

Since we launched the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild back in January, we’ve seen some incredibly creative stuff pop up on those virtual shelves. While we strongly suggest you browse through the dozens of products that have already been posted, this week we thought we would take a look at the current Top 5 Hottest SWAG Titles:

First up, it’s Fantasy Archetypes by Richard Woolcock. This supplement contains eight ready-to-play Savage Worlds characters, for use in most fantasy settings: warrior, mage, cleric, rogue, ranger, paladin, druid, and necromancer. Each character has five different, selectable stat blocks, one for each rank. There are two different illustrations per character (male and female), and tri-fold figure flats are included, as well! You get all this for just $1.00!

Second, Kristian Serrano and Jenn Sutcliffe bring us Artificer’s Codex, an easy-to-use, two-page document that presents new Setting Rules and Edges that allow artificers to create permanent magic items in a high-magic, fantasy Savage Worlds setting. This supplement is also only $1.00.

Our third SWAG product is Dylan Brooks’ superb Summoner’s Circle, that offers extensive options for use with the Summon Ally Power in Savage Worlds. For just $3.99, you get a complete system for designing your own allies at each rank, allowing you to build your summoned allies the way you imagine them and make sure things are balanced. You also get a selection of new Edges and Hindrances (10 in total) related to conjuration and its practitioners, 36 sample creatures to summon across all Ranks, all created using the ally creation system, and 10 fleshed-out NPCs.

Up next, it’s Bullets over Frisco Bay by the Wild Die Podcast Gang and featuring art by Karl Keesler and Stephen Dragonspawn. Bullets over Frisco Bay is an open-ended, sandbox style scenario where the players must confront elements of their characters’ respective pasts. Set in the summer of 1976 San Francisco, the adventure is inspired by the cop and detective shows of the era, such as Starsky & Hutch, Kojak, Police Story, etc. You also get seven pre-generated characters, table tents, NPC stats, maps, 20 unique cards for the ‘’Kick it up a Notch’’ setting rule, a file that will allow you to run the adventure on Fantasy Grounds, and a Scribus file, which other SW game designers can use as a template for their own products. This is a Pay What You Want product with all proceeds going to a great organization called GenU Gamer.

Last, but certainly not least, Gaming with Gage gives us A Savage Guide to Dinosaurs. For just $1.00, this supplement features 19 fully-statted dinosaurs including classics like the Triceratops and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Also included is an original adventure titled Dino World!

Order these and dozens of other amazing products through the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild, all available through the various OneBookShelf platforms including,,,, and

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