Travel to the Boundaries of Weird Wars Rome and Meet Her Many People!

Published On: November 19, 2013Categories: News

Weird Wars Rome in the Pinnacle Web StoreWeird Wars Rome continues to expand with more support materials to flesh out an empire to the last man and the furthest corners!

Meet those who would stand with and against the glory of the Rome! Weird Wars Rome: Heroes of Rome is a set of Figure Flats that brings you dozens of legionaries, auxilia, and characters who live to defend the honor of an empire. Weird Wars Rome: Enemies of Rome supplies a wretched lot who would watch true civilization burn—Britons, druids, Germans, Dacians, Greeks, Nubians, and the like. Both sets of Figure Flats include a mix of flat figures, such as cavalry or vehicles designed to allow other figures to go on top, and stand-up figures that can be assembled in several ways.

After meeting both friend and foe, let Weird Wars Rome: The Half-Set Sun take you to the far-flung corners of Aegyptus, a land of mystery and antiquity, ancient gods and goddesses, mysterious temples and tombs, and extreme environments. Can you and the century under your command retake lost territory from the Nubians that have flooded in as the Nile has finally receded? Will you find the cause behind such an inconceivable violation of Rome’s sovereign border?

The rise of the Empire has not yet ended. Watch here for further news of the growth of its glory!

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