Treats for Tricks—Free Halloween One Sheets!

Published On: October 18, 2016Categories: News

Savage Worlds Halloween One Sheet AdventuresIt’s that time of year, the time to take a break and scare the willies out of your players with a Halloween game. If you think you’re too low on time or money, we’ve got you covered with a spooktacular host of Halloween One Sheets!

From the ancient past to this very day, we’ve got something scary for you in our free One Sheet Adventures. Check out The Brides of Dracula for Solomon Kane, The Eternal Nazi for Weird Wars, Scare Crow for Deadlands, The Mutator for classic zombie action, Harvest Home for Rippers horror, or Brewhaha for campy East Texas University fun.

If you want something a little meatier—and not necessarily in a good way—grab The Wild Hunt Test Drive for modern terror with characters and Figure Flats included! It even includes the introductory Savage Worlds rules.

We’re not the only ones ready to drop something in that plastic pumpkin of yours, not by a one shot!* Richard Woolcock has Samhain Surprise waiting for you, including maps, so you can go marauding as real goblins. And don’t forget the Pinnacle Forum—it’s a great place to hang out, chat, and maybe grab a copy of HawaiianBrian’s What Lies Beneath, an homage to the old Tales from the Crypt comics.

Whatever you do for Halloween, have a good time, but make sure you’ll still be there when the sun rises on November.

* See what I did there? That’s what we call a pun. Well, it’s what I call a pun, anyway.

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