Two New Savage Worlds Releases for Steam & Fantasy Grounds

Thanks to our amazingly talented team of VTT devs, this week we’ve got two new releases available for Fantasy Grounds:

First, upgrade your campaigns with this amazing set of 36 Super Powers Archetypes! Each interactive card features original full-color artwork along with all the stats you need to drop these heroes right into your sessions.

  • FOUR COLOR! – 12 Archetypes for your most popular “comic book” style adventures.
  • PULP! – Six Archetypes tailored for low-level “pulp” campaigns.
  • STREET FIGHTER! – Six Archetypes tailored for heroes sworn to protect their local neighborhoods.
  • HEAVY HITTER! – Six POWERFUL archetypes for your super settings.
  • COSMIC CRUSADERS! – Journey into space and beyond with six of the most powerful heroes for your cosmic campaigns.

This deck of Super Powers Archetypes is designed for use with the Super Powers Companion and the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition core rules.

Second, a midnight stopover at a lonely highway rest area turns into a nightmare in… Final Rest Stop!

From the mind of legendary Savage Worlds author John Goff (DeadlandsDeadlands: Hell on EarthDeadlands Noir) comes a twisted new tale of unbridled terror!

Final Rest Stop is the first in our new Savage Saturday Cinema line of adventures. Designed for a single session of play, Savage Saturday Cinema scenarios are self-contained, easy to run, and come with a cast of pregenerated victims heroes, an assortment of enemies, maps, and more.

While it isn’t required, we also recommend using the Savage Worlds Horror Companion to get the most out of Final Rest Stop.

Visit Steam or Fantasy Grounds to add Final Rest Stop and the deck of Super Powers Archetypes to your virtual game table today!

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