Two Weeks Until the Kickstarter for Irongate for The Last Parsec

Published On: June 12, 2018Categories: News

We are fast approaching the launch date of our next “Booster” Kickstarter for Irongate, a new, 96-page sourcebook + Plot Point Campaign for The Last Parsec. Set aside a few credits now and get ready to pledge your support to gain access to this gritty, intergalatic prison planet where there are no guards and no rules!

There is profit to be made on Irongate. Built atop the ruins of a former mining colony, the prison operates its own rellium mine. As long as the prisoners produce ore, JumpCorp supplies the inhabitants with food, medicine, and goods they can’t get on the barren planet themselves.

But something has gone wrongLately prisoners are escaping. Can your JumpCorp “CorpSec” team infiltrate one of the planet’s most infamous gangs and discover their secret?

Or maybe the GM has her own idea for Irongate. Maybe your characters are guilty as hell and need to find their own way offOr run the place!

This all-new Kickstarter blasts off on Tuesday, June 26th!

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