Volume 3 of Savage Tales of Horror and Rippers Preview!

Published On: September 29, 2015Categories: News

9.08_update_v2This week rounds out the trifecta of terror, bringing you Volume 3 of Savage Tales of Horror, with a sneak peek at another horror from Rippers Resurrected!

If you’re one of us who are right-thinking people and like free stuff, then you should pre-order the three print volumes of Savage Tales of Horror Bundle and get all the PDFs for free! Free stuff with immediate gratification—can it actually get any better?

Not a fan of free stuff? Prefer not to have your world cluttered by the physicality of printed books? Oh, I know you guys are out there—I’m not here to judge. You can get all three of the individual volumes as PDFs—that’s Savage Tales of Horror Volume 3, Savage Tales of Horror Volume 2, and Savage Tales of Horror Volume 1.

In Savage Tales of Horror Volume 3 you’ll have several unique opportunities:

  • Do your best to enjoy your time on the Isle of Death. Does it matter how well you can kill Nazis if they just won’t stay dead? Try it with the Weird War II setting.
  • Read The Final Page of an ancient tome of evil, in which a Witch’s soul is written. Who can stop this terror but those like you, witchmarked yourself, one of the Accursed? Best with Melior Via’s Accursed.
  • Answer a deep space distress call and reignite a bitter eons-old war between two deadly adversaries. Do they want to draw you into their conflict, or do they just want to Hear You Scream? Use it in your next The Last Parsec campaign!
  • Visit Hotel 96. The fine music, great food, and a release for the soul are all waiting just for you…but will you ever leave? It has a burning desire to make you stay for good! This is a lovely side trip in any East Texas University game.
  • Dance through the streets of old London town, possibly with ghastly apparitions, perhaps until you die from euphoric exhaustion. Can you survive The Dance of the Dead? It’s party time in the Savage World of Solomon Kane.

Savage Tales of Horror requires the Savage Worlds core rules and Savage Worlds Horror Companion.

And as we have been beset by the Halloween hobgoblins of little minds*, we’re keeping up the “long” tradition—we have yet another horror preview from Rippers for all the fans out there. Just remember that the Kickstarter for Rippers Resurrected is Oct. 6th—22nd (and it’s only 2 weeks long)!

* That’s not why I’m here, but I’ll probably do a little of that anyway. 

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