Weigh Anchor! Savage Seas of Lankhmar Is Now Available!

Published On: January 8, 2019Categories: News

Avast ye, landlubbers!

At long last, The Savage Seas of Nehwon is now available to order from our store in hardback, softback, and PDF.

Expand your adventures beyond the shores of Lankhmar and into the high seas of Nehwon where new and terrible foes await in the fathoms below!

The Savage Seas of Nehwon contains everything a Game Master needs to forge terrific tales of high sea-based adventures for Lankhmar or any fantasy Savage Setting.

Discover the secrets of the Inner Sea, Outer Sea, Frozen Sea, Sea of Stars, Sea of the East, and Lankhmar’s docks and harbors. Upgrade your seafaring scoundrels with new Edges, Hindrances, powers, and Setting Rules dealing with ships and the sea. Crew up various ocean-going vessels and place obstacles in the path of the heroes with new rules for savage storms and a bevy of of bloodthirsty Denizens of the Deep. And challenge those sailors with a number of sea-based Savage Tales worthy of Lankhmar’s creator, author Fritz Leiber.

Expand your nautical adventures and order your copy of Savage Seas of Nehwon in hardback, softback, and PDF today!

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