Weird War I Adventure No Man’s Land Released!

Published On: May 17, 2016Categories: News

Weird War I Adventure No Man's LandThe past few weeks have brought an onslaught of characters and resources to Weird War I with new Weird War I Archetypes and a new form-fillable Weird War I Character Sheet PDF. This week, we bring you a special slice of terrifying action for all those poor fools—the new Weird War I adventure No Man’s Land!

Walk into a corner of the war brought to you by the twin twisted minds of John Goff and Weird War I Brand Manager Teller. “Enjoy” a terrible tale of terror from the Syrian desert. Experience T.E. Lawrence, camels, oases, trains, sand, sand, and more sand—all in a land where no man is welcome. Visit No Man’s Land today!

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