Weird War I Archetypes Onslaught!

Published On: May 3, 2016Categories: News

Weird War One ArchetypesThe faces and fronts of war are many, and the spread of the Great War has made them seemingly limitless! A few weeks ago, we made the Weird War I Archetypes: Civilians available on the Pinnacle Web Store, and now it’s time to cover most of the uniformed fighters of the massive conflict.

This week, we’re proud to bring you Weird War I Archetypes for the American, British, French, and German troops.* We’re not giving you an army…we’re giving you four armies! Each character is presented with full-color art, stat blocks for Novice and Seasoned, and ready-to-use Figure Flats!

Weird War I Archetypes let you see the war through new eyes, through eyes on the fronts and in the trenches, through eyes that will see horrors history will deny, through eyes that may never see home again.

* No, we’re not showing any favoritism or nationalism. Those are in alphabetical order. That’s just the way they shake out.

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